Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dog Full of Money

Peculiar sticker that I saw today: Dog Full of Money" At first glace I thought it said "Dog Full of Memory."

Anyway, I googled it, and apparently this sticker appears in the streets of London. I found it referenced in 2 blogs:
blog 1
blog 2

Apparently, "DFM are those dogs you see outside shops that people put coins in. They are the best thing ever. We need to promote them for the good of humanity."

Here's the actual Dog Full of money website where you will find a gallery of pictures of these dog statues.

The site, which encourages users to download and paste up various mutant DFM's (one has four eyes, another a horn, and the one I saw has two heads), has this disclaimer:
Dog Full of Money cannot be held responsible for any product misuse. DFM/Dog Full of Money products are not intended to be placed on public or private property without prior consent. It’s naughty don’t do it ever ever ever!!!!!

Fun stuff!


Raised By Wolves said...

ummmmm... hate to be a kill joy but there is a sign on the bridge saying you shouldn't attach anything to the bridge so.....

Anonymous said...

I've met the lads who did the DFOM stickers in Hitchin and it all started in Letchworth because of one of the charity dogs outside shops. Simple as that.